Friday, October 30, 2009

E-book Now Available!!!!

Do you desire a deeper relationship with God but are not sure how to experience it?

Ears Wide Open will transform your relationship with Him. God provides various opportunities to connect with Him throughout your day. Explore your own journey of how to hear God’s voice as you follow the author's journey of listening to God.
Ears Wide Open details how to develop an intimate relationship with God through learning to listen to His voice. God provides us with various opportunities to connect with Him throughout our day. Just as Jesus taught his disciples by example through ordinary experiences, Ears Wide Open teaches timeless truths by exploring my personal journey of hearing God’s voice through everyday occurrences as well as the major transitional periods of my life. Also include is a section that answers some of the most pressing questions individuals ask as they learn how to hear God’s voice, such as “Does God still speak to us today?”, “How do I know the difference between my voice, Satan’s and God’s?” and “What are some of the hindrances to hearing God’s voice?”

This book will help:
• To encourage women that learning to listen to God is an essential part of developing an intimate relationship with Him.
• To help women understand that God can and does have personal words for each of us and to help them discern His leading.
• To inspire women to spend time listening to God’s voice inside and outside of a formal devotional time.
• To guide women through the listening process of prayer, as they participate in the book's prayer points.

Experience God transforming your heart as you learn to hear Him through Ears Wide Open.